Welcome to Old Style Music Nights!

First things first.

Welcome to Old Style Music Nights! This is a joint effort from my wife (Inny) and me (Tom). We live in Diest, a small city in Belgium. A little something about the two of us.

I’ve always been a music lover, but suck at playing an instrument. I have a washboard, a voice and a kazoo and I think if I can write a song I would be the worst one man band in the world. So as a lover of music, I started organising shows in 1996 because the bands I liked where not playing where I lived. I still do this under the name Old Style Music Nights. I book what I like, put punk bands on the same night with bluegrass bands, a garage band opening for a folk act, I just don’t really care. If I like it and there is no ego in the band, and I can afford it, I’ll do it. I love old school skateboarding, but suck at it, so I cruise around on a long board, 16-year-old hardcore skater kids make fun of me, I don’t care. I ride and build lowrider and custom bicycles, roadracers make fun of me, I don’t care… I do care about good music, made by real people, played on real instruments. (I do not dislike electronic music, a computer can be an instrument if you know how to use it)


My wife, Inny, is the one responsible for the amazing pictures you see here on this page. I can honestly say she makes me a better person. She is a rock, a rock, that from time to time I hit my head against, but always come back to. She is the clumsiest person I know. And I’m sure that when she leaves this world before me there will be a Darwin Award in our house. Aside from being a great and clumsy girl she is also a great photographer. She is one of the official Muddy Roots photographers. Together with our good friend Sophie she has her own company, Inso Photography. If you ever need two kick ass girls to come and take pictures at an event, wedding, concert, funeral… Whatever, you know where to be. I don’t know if they do porn, they sure as hell don’t tell me!


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