Something something called art

Art, it’s a personal thing. Some folks hate what you like, others love what you hate. Graffiti to some is vandalism, to me it’s art, same thing with tattoos… Inny and me are not rich, we both have our jobs, we’re doing fine. You don’t need to be rich to own art. There are so many great artists in the world that you will never see in a museum, but that are worth supporting. And that means buying their stuff. Or talking about them to other people. We like to buy some from time to time.

A couple of years ago I bought my first piece, it was a one-off original Doug Dorr. Doug is an amazing Kustom Kulture artist who makes kick ass stuff. He does pinstriping, tiki art, paintings… His signature Kool Tools stuff is something to look out for. I bought a piece from him in person at the Bottrop Kustom Kulture Meeting in Germany. It still has a spotlight place in our livingroom. Last year I bought a washboard made by Piss Poor Washboards. They do wood burning and paint on, as the name says, washboards. Those old things your grandmother used to use to get her undies clean… We’re not gonna talk about your grandmothers undies, I don’t care what a looker she was back in the days, now she’s just old and it’s a little gross to even think about it. I was so grateful when it came in the mail, I played it untill our dogs where howling and barking at me to stop. I’m not a good washboard player. Thank you furry kids for pointing that out.

The reason for this “art” post is because I wanted to let you guys know about a certain lady that I’m proud of to call a friend. Wendi D Story, also known as Queen Monkey from North Carolina, USA. I think Wendi and me first got in contact through Facebook, for so many of us this medium has been the start of great friendships with people from all over the world. remember the days when you had to write a letter, post it, and then wait for 4 weeks to get an answer? It was great!

I knew she was one of the people working for Farmageddon Records, as I would get personal thank you notes with every order we made (I wish I kept those), but the first time we really talked in person was last year at Muddy Roots Festival 2013 in Cookeville, Tennessee. The year before that, in 2012, we talked because I was buying merch at the Farm merch stand, but that was about shirts and cd’s, I didn’t even told her who I was. I knew who she was, and I also knew who that little big mouth lady next to her was. I don’t know why when I look back at it, but it was a little intimidating talking to them our first time at the festival. I think it’s just in our nature as Belgian folks to be timid at times when timid is needed. But over those two years we started talking on Facebook and developed a friendship. I think we just clicked to use a cliché…

Back to art… Inny and me are married for seven years, July 14th, according to our friend Laila, we celebrated our fluffy or feathery wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something special, I wanted a gift that would last a lifetime. And yes… I can do things in the bedroom, and no they don’t last a lifetime. They last about 30 minutes… “Send Wendi a message!” that was the plan. Ask her to make something that Inny would like. Even after seven years of marriage and 14 years as a couple it’s hard to find the perfect gift. But I had it! A piece of art, done by a friend, something dark, something satanic, something with a camera, something something… That was pretty much the info I gave Wendi.

She was stoked on doing it, and what I’ve heard from the little big mouth girl, aka Wee One Dawn (HUGE in personality, I love you girl), she was also very nervous about this. What’s there to be nervous about, you’re an artist, you create art, you snap your fingers and there it is… No? Making art is not like flapping butt cheeks and farting it out? Damn, if it was, I would be a master and you would see my farts in the Louvre in Paris.

We all know better than my nonsense, Wendi is dedicated to what she does. Being it with her artwork, Glitter Bomb Burlesque (with the little big mouth girl) or the tattoo and piercing shop she owned and worked at.

wendi's piece

a kinda crappy Iphone pic Tom took of a bad ass piece of art

We saw each other again on Thursday, august 28, the first day of Muddy Roots 2014. The day of the last show of Jayke Orvis and The Broken Band. We arrived late, Wendi and me crossed eyes, hugged and knew what it was all about. “Tomorrow afternoon, bring Inny, let’s do this!” Fast forward… Friday around 3 in the afternoon, we joined Austin and Heather of The Hangdog Hearts at their merch table which was in the same tent as the Farmageddon merch. Wendi and I looked at each other and knew it was time. She was nervous, I could tell, I was nervous, I could smell. Inny didn’t know shit… The moment she pulled out the piece, I was flabbergasted, it was not what I was expecting, not at all, but I did fall in love with it on the spot. I called Inny over, she still had no idea what was going on. I told her I asked Wendi to make something for her. She didn’t really say anything when she saw it. I had to ask her if she liked it, and she didn’t really answer me… I don’t think she even thanked Wendi… I know she loved it, I could see it in her eyes, but I think she was just, I don’t know what she was thinking… I’m a man, we don’t know what girls think… Fuck it, she loved it! (Editor’s note: yes Tom, I did love it at first sight and sorry Wendi, I was really jetlagged that day and that causes social malfunctions in my brain. In other words, sometimes I just react awkward)

Please visit these link and support these fine folks, I didn’t mention all of these, but they do deserve your support:

Queen Monkey Art
Doug Dorr
Piss Poor Washboards
Omen Illustrations
Farmageddon Records
Glitter Bomb Burlesque

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