10 bands you need to see at Groezrock 2015

We told you about the Groezrock festival in an earlier post. Now that spring is upon us and the weather gods still piss on us, we thought it would be a good idea to warm your hearts and souls with a little list of bands that we think you should go see…

Social Distortion
FUCK YEAH! Social D is playing Groezrock! If there is one band combining punk rock and roots rock for years and years it’s Social Distortion. Mike Ness, the tattooed gentleman, embodies rock’n’roll and has been paying tribute to the legends for a long time. He became a legend himself for many folks out there.
We all know that lots of kids at the festival will not understand what these guys are all about, but as a wise man once said, “I don’t trust a hardcore kid that doesn’t like punk rock”. And to make this picture complete, they will perform their self titled album in its entirety, celebrating it’s 25 anniversary!

The Dwarves
“Hey Tom, do you remember the first time we got to see The Dwarves”? A good friend asked me this a couple of months ago, we where looking at the Groezrock line-up…
Do I remember? Do I remember?? Do I fucking remember??? I still wear the scars on my body! My god that was a crazy show… If you like your punk rock politically correct stay far away from The Dwarves, they will fuck up your little PC brain and make you run away, screaming for mommy! If you like booze, drugs and tits, this band is for you!

Iron Reagan
I first saw the name of this band on a cap Jayke Orvis was wearing at Muddy Roots last year I think. It just stuck… The moment I got into our motel room on monday after the festival I went online to check out this name. Oh boy was I glad I did! I think, if not for Inny, I would have destroyed that whole room as a one man moshpit! Holy Crow, these guys kick you back to the 80’s hardcore/thrash sound and do it so fucking good! Get ready for the pit, I hope you make it out alive…

The Smith Street Band
If after all the noise, chaos and violence in the pit you need to take a rest, but you still want to see and hear some good music, go see these guys. NO, we’re not talking about some teenage-girl-fantasy-poppunk-boy-band.
The Smith Street Band is an excellent folk punk band from Australia. Don’t worry, there will be no treehugging, just good music…

Toxic Shock
More thrash? YES! MORE THRASH!!!! If the USA can have Iron Reagan, we can have Toxic Shock! Fuck all y’all! That’s it… Go and support local bands, fight cancer and stay strong!

Do you need a reason to go see Refused? C’mon, it’s Refused… You don’t need one, you just go…

Agnostic Front
Pioneers! And still kids throw shit at them online. I would love to see one of those internet warriors do that in real life. Fuck ’em, Gotta Go See Agnostic Front!

If there is one band that you ever need to see when loving hardcore or punk, this is that band. Get drunk, take drugs and fight the system! Or stay sober and hug a cop… (just kiddin’ about the drugs…)

The Interrupters
Get ready to Skank your Ska bone! Hailing from L.A. The Interrupters are ready to bring us some catchy ska punk which bears the approval of Tim Armstrong, and if that’s not enough… Go fu… You know what, I don’t care, I’ll be dancing!

Your Highness
These guys from Antwerp have no place at Groezrock you would think. Their heavy sludge sound is not something you would expect at a punk rock festival, but I’m sure they will prove you wrong when you go see them. Heavy as fuck and an in your face attitude, what more do you want?

Maybe this video will convince you how hardcore they are…

For all your Groezrock info: www.groezrock.be


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