Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss with The Freeborn Brothers – live @ L’Entrepôt , Arlon, Belgium – october 25th 2015

How to spend a sunday in Belgium? Drive two hours with friends to the other side of the country (yes, it’s that small) where they speak a different language and the beer tastes exotic to catch a show. Sounds like a plan? It was the best plan we had in years… The Freeborn Brothers out of Poland killed it once again with their crazy mix of roots and gypsy music.
After that Sean and Zander slowed it down and healed wounds where needed. I was so happy I brought my camera because the sound and light where perfect. The people that work at L’Entrepot are excellent at their job, so here is to them! CHEERS!

I hope  you all enjoy watching these video’s as much as I did shooting them.

The Freeborn Brothers

Sean and Zander

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