A Belgian walks into a festival…

Belgium is a small country, but we sure are big when it comes to music festivals. The whole world knows about the big commercial ones like Pukkelpop, Werchter and Tommorowland. But that’s not what we’re about, we’re here to support the UNDERGROUND! And starting the end of June it all kicks in high gear. Almost every weekend, lovers of underground music, being it punk, metal, roots, garage or whatever floats your boat can go out and party their ass of at one or another festival. Let me be your guide…

The last weekend of June Muddy Roots Europe will celebrate their 5th birthday with as always some amazing artists. I always look forward to see Possessed By Paul James unleash his demons on stage. Dana Sipos is another great performer to keep an eye on. I’ve seen her play at Muddy Roots in Cookeville last year and I’m damn sure you’ll love her. With Mary Lee & The B Side Brothers and Them Old Crap on the line-up we can only hope they bring us some sunshine all the way from Brazil! Willy Tea Taylor and Reverend Beatman, both excellent one man performers will show us how different a one man band can sound. Moonshine Wagon from Spain is high on my “have to check out” list. Before they where on the flyer I had never heard of this band, but if you check out their video’s on youtube you’ll know what I’m talking about!  With Dad Horse Experience, Whiskey Dick, Philip Bradatsch, James Hunnicutt  and The Reverend Peyton Big Damn Band also playing I know good times are heading our way.
Tickets are still on sale, so if you don’t have one yet, get over to the muddy roots website and do your thing.

Just a week after Muddy Roots Europe, July 1st and 2nd we’re hosting our very own little festival for the first time. PIRATE FARM FEST is a little monster created by us (old style music nights), Pirate Farm Radio and loyal friends with a love for music and crazy enough to give this thing a go! Two days of insanity and good times in a field in Tielt-Winge, a small town in the middle of Belgium. I would be lying if I told you we’re not proud of the line-up we put together for this first edition. With The Mullet Monster Mafia from Brazil headlining on Friday we have an exclusive in Belgium. These diabolical trash surf maniacs will take you on a wild ride surfing the flames of hell! Also on Friday we have Tim Holehouse from the UK and Vincent Slegers from Belgium teaming up to bring us something real special. We have no idea what’s it going to be, but with these two talented blues soldiers we know it’s going to be of the hook! Not enough for friday? Well then, here’s another exclusive! The Sad Hill Outfit will play their very first show, opening the festival. This new band with Jumpin’ Jim and Sweetboy from Black Cat Bone Squad has being working hard in the rehersal room to bring you their take on bluegrass, string-band music and other roots songs. Completing the line-up on Friday are The Detrimentals, a fairly new Psychobilly band from Belgium ready to get you wrecking in the pit!
Do we have exclusives on saturday you ask? Well, YES we do! Starting with a sad one… Black Cat Bone Squad will play their last show ever… So make sure you come out in full force to send them on their last goodbye! Now a happy one, Mikey Classic from The Goddamn Gallows will play his first EVER solo show in Belgium!!!
So what else we have on Saturday? We have hard hitting noise punk with State Of The Pigs, angry, political and loud. We have crazy funny outlaw bluegrass/country/punk from Holland with Batenburg Hellbillie and The Ditchrunners from America. We have Fishgutzzz providing us with the best kazzoograzzz around, we all love to hate Fishgutzzz and that’s why we love him! Do you know Acousta Noir? No? Come check him out, this lonesome traveler will teach you a thing or two about playing music and being on the road.
Now… How can we make this festival even better? I would say THE GODDAMN GALLOWS will do the trick! By far the wildest, most awesome and raddest band around in this “scene”. If you don’t like the gallows, you can suck a carrot!
And as for every good party there is a cherry on top. Because we like the neighbors and we respect their sleepy-time, the gallows will not close down the festival. Jayke Orvis will have the last say on stage! This master songwriter is back with the gallows but when I asked him to close the festival he didn’t hesitate for a second. I’m sure there will be some guests joining him on stage.
So… We have a big tent to keep you all dry if needed, the camping is free and tickets are only 35 euro. get yours at: tickets@oldstylepiratefarm.be
Foodtrucks will be there to fill your stomach, drinks are 2 euro, kids up to 12 get in for free and we have no showers (we like the way you stink)!
See you in our field and come say hello!

On to the next one… The weekend after Pirate Farm Fest, Sjock Festival is putting up their tents for edition 41, yep 41!!! This dinosaur in the alternative Belgian festival scene will provide you with all that is loud, wild and swingin’.
The line-up is crazy as fuck, I can go on and on about it, but I’m not gonna. Check out their website, buy a ticket and go nuts!

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with a bunch of other great festivals in a few days…

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