Muddy Roots Europe 2016

5 years of Muddy Roots Europe! Time sure does fly… When I think back to the first one I can’t imagine the impact this little get-together had on the European roots scene. The friends and family I’ve gained are all thanks to this. (and don’t forget all the friends we’ve made going to Cookeville the last 4 years, see you all in september) Here’s to you, Muddy Roots Europe crew, Cheers!

For the 5th edition it looked like the bands playing where a little less “punk” or rowdy then the years before and much more European. That European part, I don’t care about, but I did miss that edge and “danger” on stage a little this year. But who are we or you to complain? If you want to see and hear other bands, do it yourself! (we did, so can you, there is so much space, music, beer and fun to go around in Europe, so do your thing!) But i sure did enjoy the bands that I filmed and the campsite… Oh boy… the campsite… I can talk about the mud, we’ve all seen it. But the fun, camaraderie and family, that’s what’s important to me! Hanging with friends, making new ones, meeting long lost family members (or so it feels like) sharing stories, drinks and food and music. Life sure is good to us!

Because of work and THE MUD I missed the first bands, and Moonshine Wagon was on my “need to see list”… If you did see them, I hope you enjoyed it.
The first band I did get to see was the talented Muddy Roots Recordings artist Dana Sipos from Canada. Great show, lovely voice and good songs. People where a little chatty during the first part of her set, but I hope you enjoy the video!

The Dad Horse Experience was up next, and this is a love it or hate “act”. I for one, love it!
Dirk came to Waardamme to present his new album, “Eating Meatballs On A Blood-Stained Mattress In A Huggy Bear Motel”. I hadn’t heard the album before and damn, the man throws a mean curve-ball from time to time. That psychedelic tune at the end of the video… WTF was that?!?! I loved it, but I sure didn’t expect it!

Muddy Roots has a special bond with Brazil and to celebrate this bond Mary Lee & The B-side Brothers are the first Brazilian band on the Muddy Roots Records roster. And they deserve it! What a great band, from country, honky tonk to wild swinging dance tunes…  There’s gonna be a Muddy Roots Festival in Brazil, I hope we can make it over there one day…

Spain… From all the countries in Europe, Spain is providing us with a bunch of great roots bands. Who would have thought… Dead Bronco took the whole tent by surprise with their very catchy and wild Honky Tonk Country songs. You’ll see in the video how much the people enjoyed it! Moshpits and country music, you gotta love it!

On Friday the music ended with Reverend Beat-man, and you can say about him what ever you want, but Beatman puts on a show! I was a little skeptic, because the last shows I’ve seen where more of the previous shows I’ve seen. But the old fox learned some new tricks, COOOOL tricks, you’ll see…

Saturday started slowly for me as every year… Waking up, asking myself “why did I had this much to drink?” and then the smell of bacon and eggs… Thank you Sophie! After breakfast a well needed shower while The Most Ugly Child plays in the background, bit cold, but it woke me up… Saturday in the tent also started with camera-problems. You’ll see it in the video I tried to make from Philip Bradatsch. Technology, you’re a bitch! I got bits and pieces, but I wanted to share it anyway… Philip, as always played one hell of a show, I can’t wait to hear his next album.

Them Old Crap from Brazil where one of those bands this year that had that “punk” spirit I love so much in my roots music. I’ve seen them play on this tour a bunch of times with our friend Jayke Orvis, but this was by far their best show that I’ve seen on this tour. So much power, joy and I love the “show” they put on. The shots I took of the crowd are so much fun to watch, if you look close you can see a little practical joke between friends that haven’t seen each-other in a while I think. THIS is Muddy Roots! Oh and in spirit The Freeborn Brothers where with us…

What would Muddy Roots be without James Hunnicutt? It just wouldn’t be the same…
James doesn’t surprise much with his shows if you have seen him before, but man, does he deliver! I’ve seen him play so many times, and every-time he gets to me.
Sorry about fucking up “bad girl”, I was filming and then something popped in my shoulder, I had to put the camera down, it was weird and hurt like fuck… But hey, it’s James on stage, get your shit together and pick it up boy! We all know that we want to see and hear “teardrops” and this time was special. Part of The Wallaroos joined him on stage and Kris from the Bacchus Crew stepped in on trombone. The joy on those faces on stage and in the crowd, priceless! Thank you James, thank you for being who you are and thank you for the songs. We need this!

Sunday, Sunday bloody Sunday (bono is a little bitch, just so you know…)
I missed most of the bands on Sunday because I had people to talk to, friends to drink with, family to take care of… You know… Muddy Roots stuff… But I was not gonna miss WhiskeyDick! Once a metal-head, always a metal-head I guess… I can write pages about this show, but there are just a few things you need to know. It was kick-ass good! They payed tribute to Owen, they had the crowd going and they are awesome guys to hang-out with. Here’s to WhiskeyDick, “to the union”!

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