Muddy Roots 2016 – Day 1

Read first: Sitting at home working on the video’s you’re about to see I came to the conclusion I’ve reached the edge of what my camera can take, so if some footage isn’t all that in focus, or the focus is not where it should be at some points… Deal with it, we made a trip to the bank for a loan to get new gear, the future will bring you crispy clear image… Oh and don’t forget to turn on the HD in youtube. One more thing, some video’s are a little more shakey then normal, I’m healing from severe shoulder pains, deal with it…

Friday, 2PM, we arrive at the holy grounds a little later then planned and my hearts skips a beat, it does that every year, but this year the skip was more of a “did my heart just stopped?” kinda skip… This year was going to be special, with all the bullshit going on on this ball of dirt we never know if next year is a possibility. I don’t want to get political on this page, but you know what I’m talking about… Just getting out of the car and we run into so many friends, friends we haven’t seen for a year and that’s one thing that makes this festival so special, it’s being a year, but it feels like yesterday….

An hour and a half later we have set up camp and it’s time for our first drink at the cabin, just sit our ass down, have a beer and take it all in. “It’s about to start guys, are you ready for this?”
BLAST OFF! we make our way to the stages and we learn that Lone Wolf aka Bruno Esposito already finished his set, damn, but the hug makes it all good, that and meeting is new pup! On to the Woodstage then for A Pony Named Olga, I’m not familiar with this German band, so I have no idea what to expect. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by their wild punkabilly sound and stage antics.

Trixie Trainwreck was next for us and it was nice to see she teamed up with Charlie Harpoon. If you don’t know Charlie, he’s a grumpy old man from England, but he plays a mean ass harmonica, so that makes it all good… I had never seen Trixie live before, but her dark blues songs really spoke to me, and what a voice this lady has…

Heavy Metal Honky Tonking… Yep, that can only be one band, Whiskey Dick took the stage and destroyed  it! What I love about these guys is the versatility of their songs or songwriting. From a ballad paying tribute to fallen friends to a shredding heavy metal song and each done with so much heart and passion. Thank you guys!
The biggest surprise was Gary Lindsey hopping on stage with him! Bucket-list, CHECK!!!

The open mic stage was back this year, so that means discovering even more new bands and boy did I make a discovery! WT Newton & the Ozark Blood from Chicago, one of the many gems the American underground roots scene  has to offer but that don’t make it out to Europe so easy even with this world wide web thing going on. Thanks Cris Bissell for pushing me to the stage even if it was just so you could be in a video…

Muddy Roots number 5 this was for me and Inny, can you believe I had never seen The Hillbilly Casino play? Sounds crazy, but it’s all true. There was no way in hell I was missing them this year. As the 20 plus minute video will show you I was front and center (left and a little off if you please). If even one of the previous shows was as good as this one, I hang my head in shame for not being there. But this one made it all up and I promise I will never miss a show again!

So people asked me, “Tom why are you so siked about this year’s line-up, it’s always a good line-up?” Because of The Voodoo Glow Skulls!!! That’s why! For me these guys play the same league as Rancid, and Rancid being one of my all-time favorite punk bands, nothing else has to be said…

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club… What is there to say? Besides that they are one of the best live bands in the world? Nothing! Just enjoy the video…

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