PB 2020, band of the week: JESCO

With the 2020 edition of the Picking Bones Festival coming closer, we take a closer look at a band each passing week. First up:

Jesco is a Folk’n’Roll band from Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Formed in 2013 when four friends got together in a room to make strange music. While each coming from a completely different musical background, they found common ground in folk. Starting with a psychedelic dark country sound, they soon cobbled enough songs together to play festivals, bars and house parties. Throughout the years, they shared the stage with various acts such as The Goddamn Gallows, Daddy Long Legs, Hackensaw Boys, The Dead Brothers and Left Lane Cruiser. These bands were among many that influenced Jesco to evolve their sound in many directions.

Bringing together instruments such as banjo, washboard, a bell, harmonica, steel chains, accordion, double bass and percussion to craft what’s best described as “Filthy Folk ‘n’ Roll”. Jesco’s stories are mostly about the madness of the mind and the tragic denizens and outcasts that stumble around and within us. With a dark sense of humour, they hope to invite the audience to relate with, laugh about, or be appalled by the characters and tales which inhabit the melodies.
(text from band site: jecoband.com)

Berend Vrakking – Vocals, Banjo, Guitars, Blues Harp
Joost Bos – Accordeon, Bodrhan
Victor van den Hende – Washboard
Joran van Bart – Upright Bass

festival tickets: http://www.pickingbonesfest.com

Picture by: Ronny van Casteren

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