There is much to say about this crisis, but we are not the ones to do so…
We do see that tours and shows are getting cancelled all over the world and therefor artists are losing their income. What can we do about this, you ask? You can still buy their albums and merch online and have it shipped to your home. So do it!
Check out the bands and artists below and help them out! I know that it is not only the bands that are hit by this crisis, bar owners, stagebuilders, bookers, bartenders, soundcrews… All of them are a victim and we stand with them. But for now, this is all we can do…
This list is long and never ending. Contact us to be included. Just send us an email.

Tequila Savate
Garage punk trash voodoo duo with almost dead mexicans…

Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls
They combine the voodoo rhythms of 1930’s ska and the blues with old timey vaudeville cabaret…

The Devil’s Trade
One man Doom Folk. He is the best in his game and just had a European tour cancelled…

Loud Love
New Belgian Post-Hardcore band… They will be playing Picking Bones 2020!

Your Highness
Belgium’s Riff Masters… They will also be playing Picking Bones 2020!

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
They just had their whole USA tour cancelled on them… Pioneers in the Gothic Americana genre…

Everyone is Guilty
From Belgium, one of the best bands around these days… Contact them via FB to buy their album…

Sons Of A Wanted Man
Post Black Metal band… Not the music you would expect here, but I still am a Metal head!
Their new album is stunning!

The Blues Against Youth
Gritty one man blues from Italy… in total LOCKDOWN!!! This man needs some help!

Gallows Bound
Fantastic Americana Punk band! Folk punk is an insult these days, right?
They had to cut short their Canadian tour with The Brains…

The Wedding Funeral
Dark and eerie Gothic Americana from the American wasteland that is Jersey City…
Yes, they will be coming for their first European tour in June and will play Picking Bones 2020!!!

Wild, Weird and crazy Hardcore punk from Belgium… They just released a new album and had to cancel their release party!!!
Go buy that album!

The PictureBooks
One of the, if not THE best Heavy Garage Blues bands in the world! They had to cut short their European tour… They will headline Picking Bones 2020 on friday June 12th!

Moonshine Wagon
Our buddies from Spain had a tour planned with Shawn James… That’s not happening…

Shawn James
He was on tour in Europe… Not anymore… I was so looking forward to seeing him…

Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones
They where going on a six week USA tour… Now they are not…
Top notch Rockabilly!

Crazy Arm
One of my favorite UK bands… Guess what… Tour CANCELLED!

20 Watt Tombstone
We just got the news that their USA tour is shut down by the virus…
If you like heavy as shit stoner blues, give these two guys a hand (buy merch and records you idiot!)

The Goddamn Gallows
They are still on tour, but for how long… And we are using a picture of Mikey that our very own Inny took of him, so they need to be in here. Once this tour is over, they’ll also need your help!

Suburban Drugdealers
These fine lads from Sweden just got their USA tour cancelled. They are losing out on a SHIT TON of money!!! Help them out. They have merch printed for the tour and a new album out. Contact them via FB.

This list will be updated when we get news of more cancelled tours.
Feel free to mail us with news and updates!

For now… TAKE CARE!

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