Darren Deicide – The Year the Music Dies

New Jersey’s blues anti-hero Darren Deicide is back with a new digital ep and like with his earlier work this is again no easy listening. But if you are an adventurous listener you will love it!

2020 gave Darren the inspiration he needed to lay down these two tracks filled with disgust for the human species and modern American culture in particular. We can’t blame him, can we? We’ve all seen what this world has become…

The first song, “The Year the music Dies” is a 6 minutes angry acoustic blues piece where Darren goes back to his punk roots with its inflammatory social commentary. Those easily offended, STAY FAR AWAY!!! It is brutally honest and pretty chaotic at first, but after a few spins all the pieces fall into place and the snarky protest song rises to the surface.

The second song on this ep is called “Outsider Blues” and we find Darren back on his electric guitar playing what I think is his most “standard” blues song he ever did, but is he really… And is it so “standard”? You never know with this guy… Let’s dig a little deeper… hoppity hop, follow me down the bunny trail…
What starts out as, indeed a “standard”, quickly changes into a ferocious footstomper that will get your ass moving and have you singing along with the clever lyrics. The name “outsider blues” is a perfect fit and it will get the hate it so deserves from the scenes purists. Fuck ’em!

The ep will be released on all major digital platform on New Years Eve 2020, make sure to check it out!
Stream, buy and share. The digital airwaves are being cluttered with mediocrity, so help us fight the good fight!
There will be an online release party on that same evening hosted by Reverend Campbell’s Speak of the Devil, follow the link below to attend. Both new songs and others will be played and a giveaway of Darren’s previous album “The Blues non est Mortuum” is on the program. If you can’t wait for the giveaway, we at Old Style Music Nights have a couple of copies of this excellent album in stock, just leave us a note and we’ll work it out.

Online event:

Darren’s website:

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