Every person I know has that one band that they really like, that one band that they are convinced of that can never write a bad song or play a crappy show, for some of my friends that’s Metallica… Boy, where they wrong… For me, one of those bands is Everymen, from Lake Worth, Florida.

I still remember hearing them for the first time at Muddy Roots some years ago, I was deep in a conversation about nothing with some friends, thinking how I should go see them, but we just kept yepping on, and when I finally got on my feet the show was over. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!! But I caught up, oh how I caught up… When they came to Europe I tried to catch as many shows I could and hosted them at our annual benefit show for ex-lab dogs. What a great show that was. So now there is the new album with the very inspiring tittle “May your ashes have stories to tell”.

On this new album the guys hold on to their own brand of catchy as hell “folk punk”, I know some people like to make fun of the “term” but I have no idea how to describe it otherwise. But they made sure to throw in some curve-balls here and there and add some extra instruments in the studio, like that trumpet in the opening song “Shake Your Bones”. Starting out with a mariachi like guitar part and by adding the trumpets it really sounds like some kind of Mexican upbeat protest song (sung in English) or something like that… It’s hard to come up with new words guys… Deal with it… It’s a compelling song, that’s for sure!

If you have been following the band and it’s members on-line (facebook), you know they had to deal with some losses over the past years and even more recent. The second song “Dead Friends” is a stunning tribute to the ones we lost and cared about deeply. I’m sure many of you will find comfort and understanding in this song. And “Dead Friends” is not the only tribute on this record. Last year friend of the band and singer for Mischief Brew, Erik Petersen took his own life, a sad day in music history if you ask me (what an great band that was), and with the song bearing the same name as the band Erik was in, Everymen have created a beautiful hymn for their friend. A short and fast, almost Street Punk like sing-a-long for their fallen comrade. Nothing but respect for this one!

“Don’t Rain On My Parade”, the longest song on the record is a typical Everymen song, starting out slow and transforming into “an ideal for pushing your friends around on the dance-floor song” with room for each member of the band to show his musical skills and then towards the end that polka-like rhythm… Perfect… Just perfect!
I don’t know why they re-recorded “Waking up Hurts”, but I’m not sad about it. It still is a great song. (guys if you are reading this, let me know)

If you like your punk more then your folk, you will love these two song: “Annihilation” and “Time”. In my head I can hear them being played by a full on drunk crappy punk band and even then they don’t loose any power. Absolute flawless songs. Start dancing now!
With “Don’t Stay” the band goes in full gypsy-mode. The fiddle, the rhythm, the female vocals, they all contribute to a certain feeling, an east-European post-romantic feel that all together make it into a marvelous song.

I’m sure you figured out I like this new record… And I know you will like it.
The release is planned for april 22nd on http://www.say-10.com so you know what to do…

Knuckles is a Psychobilly/Punk band from Finland, I had never heard of these guys, but I was contacted by one of their members to inform about Pirate Farm Fest. We started talking and one thing let to another… So now there is this review for their first album “First Fury”.

So… First things first… Knuckles sounds like any other psychobilly/punk band in the world but better… The genre has it’s limits and that’s what you’re stuck with, a little more punk here, a country lick there, some OI and a rockabilly baseline to keep it smooth and greasy when needed. You all know what it sounds like… But for some reason this album speaks to me. These guys had fun writing and recording these songs and that shows in the end result.

The album is released by Crazy Love Records out of Germany and that should tell you a little something about the quality of this album. It would be a waste of mine and your time to go over all the songs, one by one, because they are all good and entertaining. I’ll tell you this, not a single one of them is over 4 minutes, they all are catchy as fuck and a bunch of them have great sing-a-long parts… This is the perfect dance, drink, wreck and party album if you like this kind of music. No, this is not old school psychobilly and I know that in the scene that’s a standard for some to still sound like that one eighties band… Get over it folks, it’s 2017! This album is a fantastic twist on a genre that needed a kick in the keister for years…


Get a copy of the album:

Since Shawn James is coming to Pirate Farm Fest this year with his crew of Shapeshifters I thought it was a good idea to write a review for his latest solo album “On The Shoulders of Giants” which he is promoting on tour in Europe as we speak…

Born in Chicago the singer, songwriter released his first album in 2012 and has since created some extremely powerful music as a solo artist and with his band under the moniker “Shawn James and The Shapeshifters”. While the music with his band is drenched in doom metal with a southern gothic twist (I have no idea how to describe it otherwise) his solo albums are much more laid-back, but the darkness remains. The first thing that strikes you while listening to this album is the absolute power in his voice.

For this record Shawn made the trip to the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis to create a masterpiece in pure and uncut minimal dark blues with a twist of soul, some hints of gospel influence maybe but most of all passion! It does not really matter what name or genre you put on this record, if you like roots music, metal, blues or just have good taste in music, this is a record that you need to have in your collection. Let’s talk about some of the songs…

The album opens with “hellhounds”, a slow paced dark song with some mesmerizing slide guitar parts that sets the tune for the rest of the album. A kick-drum for the rhythm and some tambourine, it looks like this is all Shawn needs and that is pretty damn impressive!
“Snake Eyes” is another of those songs that hits it hard with me. Minimal, a guitar lick that just keeps going, almost hypnotizing and then… THAT VOICE…

“Back Down”… This song… I can see a tribe chanting it before  going to war against some oppressor, or even a single person in a ritual-room, to gain power before making a huge step in life. It’s a song that feeds you with energy and the right amount of anger to do that thing you need to do!

Remember that gospel influence i talked about in the beginning? “Preacher Foretold”, the last song on this album, there you go… I’m not sure what this preacher worshiped, but it makes for a powerful song!

Just go out and see Shawn play, come out to Pirate Farm Fest, buy this record and indulge yourself in good music…

After a successful first edition in 2016 we will be back in 2017! Mark you calendar on June 30th and July 1st.
Friday will be all about psychobilly and heavy rock’n’roll, let me walk your through our line-up:
The SideBürns will be opening the festival. This German band with members from Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash plays some damn fine speedrock. Before they changed their name to The Sidebürns they where known as Mr. Sideburn And The Barons.

Next up we’ll have something special for you guys! The Detrimentals vs. The Wallaroos!!!
The Detrimentals are a straight forward psychobilly band with Joachim from Tequilla Tattoo’s on drums. If you where at PFF in 2016 you know what a great band they are. In 2017 they are teaming up with one of the most promising Belgian bands in the underground rock’n’roll scene. The Wallaroos remind me of a young Kings of Nuthin. Full of energy and ready to party hard!

So you partied with us in 2016? So you remember The Mullet Monster Mafia?
THEY ARE BACK!!! The best surf trash band from Brazil will make you swing so hard that your ass will hurt the day after! But that’s not all…

Our headliner will be the legendary UK psycho clowns The Klingonz!!! They fly in for this one show only, so do not miss this you freaks!!!
Here is a live version of Bitch a song of their brand new album!!!


I’m damn sure we have a kick-ass line-up for friday, now let’s get on to saturday and see what we have in store for you nice folks…
The running order is not set yet, but you’ll get an idea of what we have to offer…:
We’ve got two Dutch bands this year, let’s start with them. First up, Baby Face Nelson. These guys will provide you with some sweet country punk rock’n’roll. I’ve seen them on stage a couple of times and they will get you going. Check out the video for the very catchy
“From Hercules CA to Maricopa AZ”!

Next one from the land of weed and shitty beer is CUDA. As the name may tell you this band plays fast, high powered cowpunk. It’s straight forward, nothing else to tell except they bring cheerleaders… Enjoy boys…

When we booked Call me Bronco we had to take 40RTY (so we did, it was this or nothing…)
It will be his first time in Europe so make sure to make him feel at home. We’re sure you’ll love his banjo driven folk punk songs! And he owns Beagles, so what could go wrong?

We sure are glad our friend Joshua James Esterline a.k.a. Acousta Noir will be back in our field. Without him and lots of others there would not have been a tent to party in last edition. I’m sure most of you know his music by now, so you know what to expect… If not here’s a video to remind you of his awesomeness…

The Dad Horse Experience… What is there to tell about this legend? You love him or you hate him, no in-between… We LOVE HIM!!!

Andrew Ellis came on tour in Europe for the first time in 2016,  and I have to say, I’m in love with this giant! Besides being a great guy he is one hell of an artist. With his dirty and sleazy one man blues he’ll take you on a wild trip into his world…

If you don’t know who Joe Buck Yourself is, then I have no idea where you have been the last 10 years… This man is a living legend and we are damn happy to have him play our second edition!

We have an exclusive and we are damn fucking proud about it!!! Shawn James & The Shapeshifters will play their very first show ever in Belgium!!! We know Shawn is starting to get a celeb status (remember that viral video of two guys in a wolf sanctuary? That’s him…) so we had to book him now, because we will not be able to pay him in a few years 😉
Also make sure to check out his solo stuff.
This video, shot at Muddy Roots in 2015, was my first introduction to this band and I’m hooked ever since. I play one of their albums at least two or three times a week and I have a BUNCH of records… Are you ready for some DOOOOM!?!?

Last year we had The Goddamn Gallows as headliner, I got to see them play two songs, then it was of to the E.R. for me… Long story, I don’t hold a grudge, we talked it out… You guys better make sure I get to see Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy play their set in full! I’ve told you guys before and I’ll tell it again… Carrie Nation is one of the most entertaining bands in this “scene” or even in this world! But you don’t have to take my word for it, come and see them for yourself…

Here is a little promo-video we made with all the bands:

Can we buy tickets now?
Friday: 20 euro
Saturday: 25 euro
Combi: 40 euro

Will it be sold out?
We do not know that… There will be 500 tickets, that’s it… We had almost 300 people in 2016… You do the math…

Where do you need to be?
Beurtstraat 42, Tielt-Winge, Belgium

Is there camping?
Yes and it is free if you have a ticket to the festival

Can I bring a camper or mobile-home?
Yes, we hope the weather gods will have mercy on us this year, so we can provide a better place to camp with them.

Can I bring my own drinks?
Yes and No… You can drink whatever the hell you want on the campsite, but please don’t bring your drinks on the festival grounds. You buying drinks is what keeps this festival alive…

Is it family friendly?
Yes, but we are not babysitters. If you bring your kids, please keep an eye on them. Kids left alone will be givin’ a bunch of redbull and a Florida Georgia Line cd… Try to deal with them after that…

Do kids need a ticket?
Kids up to 12 can get in for free. Please don’t be a dick and try to sneak in your 13 or 14 year old that looks like 10…

Why does the live music end at 12 on Friday and at 1 on Saturday?
Because we respect our neighbors and we hope you will too… Acoustic jams sessions are encouraged, yes even in the tent…

Will there be food?
DUH!!!! We love food, so we will make sure you have a choice between some of the best foodtrucks around. And yes even vegetarian…  Breakfast will also be served on saturday together with that sweet sweet coffee…

The most important thing you have to know is this:
Come and have fun and don’t be a DICK!!! If you want to come to the festival and fuck things up, you’re in the wrong place. Leave your politics, religion and shitty attitude at home! This is about having fun, dancing, catching up with friends and PARTY!!!

See you in our field…

Last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors.
Tequila Tattoos, without them, no Pirate Farm Fest

Rootstown Bookings for providing us with great bands and artists

Moonshine Tattoo Parlour


Timetable friday:
23.00 – 00.00: The Klingonz
21.20 – 22.20: The Mullet Monster Mafia
19.10 – 20.40: The Detrimentals vs. The Wallaroos
17.30 – 18.30: The sidebürns

Timetable saturday:
13.00 – 13.40: Baby Face Nelson
14.10 – 14.50: 40RTY
15.20 – 16.00: CUDA
16.30 – 17.10: Acousta Noir
17.40 – 18.30: The Dad Horse Experience
19.00 – 20.00: Andrew Ellis
20.30 – 21.30: Joe Buck Yourself
22.00 – 23.00: Shawn James and The Shapeshifters
23.30 – 01.00: Carry Nation and The Speakeasy



Day 3… After The Melvins, Those Poor Bastards and The Hooten Hallers you would think I slept like a baby, but no… Babies don’t drink shine and rhum… My god did I feel awe-full on Sunday morning… The first regret on Sunday was that I missed Julian Davis‘ set, the second was not drinking enough water the day before.
I did get to see The Hardin Draw, and boy where they good. I apologize for only recording one song, I was not doing well…

By the time I got to the main-stage I got some BBQ in me and I was ready to go! I hope you enjoy this video I shot from Brooke Blanche of The Calamity Cubes. The man has a beautiful solo album out. I know I enjoyed listening to him. Oh and I’m sure Billy Cook is some kind of wizard, not only on mandolin, but because almost every time I zoomed in on Brooke my camera would focus on Billy in the corner… Please explain this to the world Billy!

J.D. Wilkes… I know he’s a musical hero for a lot of folks in this “scene”. He sure as hell earned his dues with The Legendary Shackshakers, but also as a solo artist, a film-maker and graphic artist. This show was a treat… He brought a little piano, something we hadn’t seen him doing in all those years and he killed it! And to top it all of he had a star line-up backing him up on stage with Mark Robertson on bass, Julian Davis on guitar (this kid is sixteen years old, can you believe this?) and Michael Oberst from The Tillers on fiddle.

With J.D.’s show done my excitement was reaching it’s top level for Sunday. Our boys in Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy where getting ready to hit the mainstage! If there was one band that I didn’t wanna this day besides Del McCoury it was these guys. In my onion they are one of the most entertaining bands in the modern day roots/punk scene!
With (not so) fresh blood on bass in the form of Dal Bulkleyl from Larry And His Flask and the funniest little Mexican in the world Josue Estrada on trumpet this show could only be out of this world… And it was!!! Enjoy the video folk!
We are very proud to have them headlining our own little Pirate Farm Fest in Belgium july 1st. 2017!!!
(the video stops just before the end, I have no idea what is causing this, I tried to fix it, I think the file is corrupted, I’m sorry)

So where are the rest of the video’s you ask? Well… The hard work during the day, the hard drinking during the night and the little sleep took their toll on my shoulder and rest of my body. We still had two weeks of vacation ahead of us and I was not going to fuck up my shoulder even more. It is in a rough enough shape as it is. I’m this close from surgery, and no video is worth risking that… But that doesn’t say we didn’t see any other bands. The Tillers did a great job as always, Del McCoury just killed it, it was great to see Reverend Peyton again and I still hit myself in the head for missing Bonnie Prince Billy.

Before I end this post there are some folks I need to thank. First things first, Jason Galas and crew, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR DOING THIS!!! You Sir are an inspiration, thank you!!!
My travel buddies, Jo and Kim, Indra and my darling bride Inny. Josh aka Acousta Noir and Cris Bissell for all the hanging out, even the days after the festival. We sure had a blast, didn’t we?!?!
Thank you to all that came, hung-out and shared drinks and stories with us. You know who you are, there are to many to mention… See you all next year!!!

ps. don’t forget to turn on the HD for the video’s

If you have visited this blog more then once you know that most of my reviews handle the more up-tempo, wild rocking, punk side of the “roots” scene… But that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to any other music (what a fool I would be). I enjoy a wide variety of musical genres and sometimes you’re in need for this one album by which you and your girl just sit on the couch with a glass of wine, cuddle up and let it all sink in and listen to the stories. This is one of those albums… If you don’t have that special one by your side, take your dog or cat, if you don’t like wine, take a bucket of ice-cream…

We ran into Jason in Jersey City while visiting Darren Deicide and his girl Ethel, they put on the HOKUM! nights and my travel companion Jumpin’ Jim was also playing. In the little back-room of a bar in Jersey, Jason opened up to us and goddammit did he touch our souls. Just him, his guitar and THAT voice!!! You know how back in the days the troubadour went from town to town to tell stories? Jason is a modern day troubadour and you should hear his stories, because that’s what he is… A storyteller…

For this album, he gathered  a band around him and recorded a beautiful piece of “americana”. As you could have guessed from the introduction, this is not a happy album (the best stories are the sad ones), but Jason makes sure that from time to time he will put a smile on your face, just listen to “Entertain Us”. It may be a complaint about our society, but it does the trick.

Let’s talk about some of my favorites on this one…
The opening track “Two Souls”… This could be the best love song that has ever being written, it is pure and uncut beauty! Forget all those cheesy opening-dance songs you hear at every wedding, if you truly love your partner, this is the one you should dance to. I kid you not!!!
Every good record need a murder-ballad! And this record has one, and it shoots a chill down my spine every-time I listen to it. “Mary Anne”, two brothers and a whore, what could go wrong…

With the current changes in politics in America this song is as important as hops in beer. “Juan and Hector” tells the tragic story of two brothers looking for a better life. I’m a sucker for sad songs, and this is one of them. Listen to the story folks, it’s just a song, I know, but it’s life for so many people…
On a lighter note, as mentioned above, we have “Entertain Us”. But in fact this is a troubled song about the “not caring anymore because we’re all fed up” kind of living in the world. Let the media tell us what to think (siht drocer si taerg yub ti).

The album ends with “Belief” and however I don’t agree with Jason’s point of view in this song, it is a great song. So… This is an album that I’m sure you will enjoy in the right setting. “Two Souls” and “Mary Anne” are going to be making the rounds a lot here at HQ.
Jason, I hope to run into you again some day and I hope it will be in my part of the woods.

You can all listen to this album and buy it at:


Wicklow Atwater is an American band hailing from Southern California. They grew up in Atwater Village and stayed there. All childhood friends, they started playing together and still are. When listening to their music it’s clear for all to hear what these guys want to do and that is have fun and write some damn good songs. They sure as hell have succeeded this goal. 17 songs and not a dull moment, I tip my hat to that!

At first the music sounds far from original, but then again, what did you expect from yet another String Band with a punk ethos you ask? Well… These guys are not your random train-hopping kids with a banjo. These guys can play and know how to write a song! And the more you listen to this album the more all the different layers come to the surface. The vocal harmonies are excellent, every instrument lays perfect in the mix, this whole album just sounds goood!!! One of the things I like most when listening to this record is all the different genres combined into one solid sounding album. From straight-on bluegrass to gypsy folk and the jazzy “I wanna be your man”. Sometimes all in one song.

I could go over all these 17 songs but I’m not gonna do that. It’s up to you guys to find your favorite, let me tell you it’s not going to be an easy job.

Little side-note: That fiddle you hear, yep that’s Liz Sloan from the Urban Pioneers!

Clint Westwood is back with a new album named “Cult Country” and I think the name fits the album just perfect. When you just do a quick listen like most folks listen to music these days it’s nothing more then an other “alt-country” album with a twist here and there. But to the real listener, the music nerd, the folks that still buy music because they want music in their life it is so much more. I could be way of here, but one band comes to mind every-time I listen to this album and that’s WEEN. And this is a huge compliment! I’m not the biggest WEEN fan, but I do think they are musical geniuses.  Remember listening to WEEN for the first time? I know you where thinking, “do I like this, do I really like this…”And that’s the exact feeling you get when listening to this album. It’s weird, catchy, fucking awesome , in-your-face-honest, funny and so campy from time to time. And this cocktail makes one great record!

Lets talk about some of these songs. “High Horse” is the first song on the album, kicking of as a high-tempo country swinger with one of the best twists in the last verse I’ve ever heard in a song. If you get your hands on the album and don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re an idiot and should watch MTV for the rest of your nothing-worth life!

Hey stoners, here’s your new anthem for the next few months!!! “On the Ponderosa” is a nice little banjo tune that I know you’ll all sing-a-long with while blazing up (do kids still say that?). You spend a lot of time on the road in a car? Well then… Here’s your new favorite song. “Carmageddon”, a love and hate song about driving and cars.

If you know Clint you know that he’s been on the road with Ando Ehlers, this next song “Not the Ones” sounds like the love-child that came from this perverted relationship between accordion and guitar. I would adopt it, if only it was house-broken…  “Borracho       Enamorado”… That WEEN feeling is back 100% and I love it, that’s all I have to say about this song.

You know how many rock- or psychobilly bands have their own little Halloween anthem? This next one “Demon Night” may not be a Halloween song, but with the season upon us, it’s the perfect soundtrack! Dark, creepy and fun!!! Sing-a-long if you know it, and you’ll know it soon enough…
Hey Old Style Pirate Farm Crew… Here’s one for us, or maybe just for me? I don’t know, I don’t care… but “Go Home You’re Drunk” is one fun song, that I will sing to myself this weekend. Let’s skip to the day after, “Hangovers and Heartache” sounds like an old crooner but I don’t think Sinatra would have dared to bring this one live on stage, he should have, it’s one hell of a song!

Picture this: Tim Burton makes a new movie, a western, the main character is the punk on the horse from the Muddy Roots posters, you know who I’m talking about? He leads an uprising against the 1% that takes all and keeps the “people” down in the dirt. “Must be the Money”,  THIS IS THE SONG THAT GOES WITH THAT ONE SCENE WHERE EVERYONE GOES “NO MORE, TAKE IT BACK, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!” And then the bad guys win…

So… This is not an album to put on while having friends over for dinner, but it sure is one you need to listen to so you can take it all in, think about it, enjoy it and once you have done that go to his show while he’s in Europe and dance your ass off!!!

You can listen for free and buy the album online, just follow the link. It’s a perfect gift from Clint to you all, just before his European tour starts early november, so make sure you can sing-a-long with him and his band!

With his new record Darren Deicide proves that the blues sure aren’t dead. This charismatic juke joint hip cat from Jersey City provides us with a fine piece of wax that doesn’t only sounds great, but also comes in a stunning full-colour sleeve with a big-ass eight pages booklet. The release is limited to 250 copies, vinyl only, so be fast to get your greasy paws on this slap of dark infernal blues music!

After a short spoken-word intro the first song is “Killing the Dead”, a six minute dark sounding slide guitar song driven by heavy footstomping. With this opener, from the first minute on Darren shows you what he’s all about. This is not an easy-listening, happy joy joy kinda album. It’s grim, angry and hard to put your finger on. But that makes the trip so much more interesting.
“Static” is next, and in comparison to Killing the Dead, Darren slows all the way down. His almost howling, complaining way of singing here gives the song a little extra, I don’t know what… And when the deep dark voice of Edgefield C. Johnson comes in… Just perfect…
“Devil Woman Blues” a song based on “Devil Got my Woman”by Skip James was released earlier as part of “The Harsimus Sessions” recorded live in The Harsimus Cemetery in Jersey City. Now re-recorded for the album, this acoustic serenade sounds so primitive almost ancient, but at the same time it’s a perfect sing-a-long for the dark-at-heart folks among us. When I hear this song I can’t help but wonder what a doom or sludge band would do with it, you’ll understand when you hear it for the first time.
My favorite song on this album must be “My Star Spangled Banner”. A mid-tempo eerie sounding, but fierce “anthem”. A special thank you goes out in the liner-notes to Nathan Gray from Boy Sets Fire and The Nathan Gray Collective for this song and I can only imagine why… Can you?

Over to side B.
Another re-recording from The Harsimus Sessions (which where only released as video’s) is “Dance of the Demon Rag”. A short original instrumental with a little tango feel to it, a dark tango that is…
If “My Star Spangled Banner” sounded eerie, “Throwing it all away” sounds like pure depression. But Holy Crow, does it sound GOOD!!! There are so many little details in this song, like the humming along-side the slide-guitar or the desperation in his voice when he screams “nobody cares!”. Remember that doom band thing I wrote about earlier? It’s back…
But it’s not all doom and gloom,  with “Boom Power Boogie” Darren serves us a scarce up-tempo song on this record and it does the trick perfectly even more so when the Hammond organ kicks in!
The last song on the record is a Mercyful Fate cover, yes a Mercyful Fate cover… “At The Sound Of The Demon Bell” If you want to know how it sounds or why it’s on this record I guess you just have to buy it.

Now you have read about it, now you need to get it!
Head over to http://darrendeicide.com/ to order your copy, or drop us a line at oldstylemusicnights@gmail.com if you live in Europe. We have 20 copies laying around at HQ.

Day two didn’t start slow… That was something new. I held the promise to myself to not get wasted on day one. Good for me! And good for you! If otherwise I would not have being able to film the Rock Bottom String Band. It was the first time for me and I think many others in the field to see this band from Texas on stage and they sure didn’t disappoint!

Modern Primitives where another band on this years bill that was a complete stranger to me. Their dirty garage rock was catchy, maybe a bit out of place (if there is such a thing at Muddy Roots), but I sure enjoyed it.

Like every year there where some bands that I really wanted to see and Smokestack Relics was one of them. These two brothers from Denver kicked the Little Tent stage straight in the butt and everyone bended over for more. Sleazy swamp rock stripped to the bone, I hope these guys come over to Europe real soon.

The Drunken Cuddle, the Drunken “fucking” Cuddle!!! What a feast to see and hear. If only for Katie Marie’s funny faces while going wild behind her drumkit. But we can’t forget Erik, with just a guitar and drums they create a monstrous sound that will appeal to all that like punk, wild roots or whatever. If you love good music, you’ll love The Drunken Cuddle!

Hooray!!! Sailing Ships With Empty Bottles finally got to play Muddy Roots! Better known as S.S. WEB our boys from Milwaukee where more then surprised to see how many fans showed up and sang along with all their songs. As Criss would tell me later, “I’m oblivious about how many people actually like us”. As you can see in the video it wasn’t only the fans that had fun during this set. A big shout out to Guido Greaserag for joining them on bass for a couple songs. I miss his mug on stage…

I think last years show was Dylan Walshe‘s best show I had ever seen him do. So this year he had to do something special to top it, well he didn’t… He was just Dylan Walshe, and that’s all he needs to be, it was what it was, Dylan Walshe… And it was perfect as always!!!

Jayke Orvis‘ return to Muddy Roots was that of a Roman Emperor returning to Rome after a great victory… Glorious, grand and spectacular! He invited a group of friends on stage and that’s all I will write about this, the video speaks for itself. WHIPLASH!!!

After Jayke’s set I was done filming for that day, but Muddy Roots wasn’t, far from it. I missed Joseph Huber and Dex and Crash (I did see Dex the week after in Brooklyn together with JD Wilkes, it was beautiful) because we where hanging with our friends Leni and Shinto from Belgium (if you’re ever around our little country check out their Tattoo shop, Moonshine Tattoo Parlour) who where on their honeymoon with their son Lewis. What a cool kid this is, he’ll be heartbreaker for sure! But I was not going to miss the Melvins. All I can say is this: “it was loud, it was hard and it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!”
And then we still had Those Poor Bastards and The Hooten Hallers to finish us all off. If you where there you know how it was, if you where not… Pfff, your loss! Hahaha!

Stick around for day 3

Read first: Sitting at home working on the video’s you’re about to see I came to the conclusion I’ve reached the edge of what my camera can take, so if some footage isn’t all that in focus, or the focus is not where it should be at some points… Deal with it, we made a trip to the bank for a loan to get new gear, the future will bring you crispy clear image… Oh and don’t forget to turn on the HD in youtube. One more thing, some video’s are a little more shakey then normal, I’m healing from severe shoulder pains, deal with it…

Friday, 2PM, we arrive at the holy grounds a little later then planned and my hearts skips a beat, it does that every year, but this year the skip was more of a “did my heart just stopped?” kinda skip… This year was going to be special, with all the bullshit going on on this ball of dirt we never know if next year is a possibility. I don’t want to get political on this page, but you know what I’m talking about… Just getting out of the car and we run into so many friends, friends we haven’t seen for a year and that’s one thing that makes this festival so special, it’s being a year, but it feels like yesterday….

An hour and a half later we have set up camp and it’s time for our first drink at the cabin, just sit our ass down, have a beer and take it all in. “It’s about to start guys, are you ready for this?”
BLAST OFF! we make our way to the stages and we learn that Lone Wolf aka Bruno Esposito already finished his set, damn, but the hug makes it all good, that and meeting is new pup! On to the Woodstage then for A Pony Named Olga, I’m not familiar with this German band, so I have no idea what to expect. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by their wild punkabilly sound and stage antics.

Trixie Trainwreck was next for us and it was nice to see she teamed up with Charlie Harpoon. If you don’t know Charlie, he’s a grumpy old man from England, but he plays a mean ass harmonica, so that makes it all good… I had never seen Trixie live before, but her dark blues songs really spoke to me, and what a voice this lady has…

Heavy Metal Honky Tonking… Yep, that can only be one band, Whiskey Dick took the stage and destroyed  it! What I love about these guys is the versatility of their songs or songwriting. From a ballad paying tribute to fallen friends to a shredding heavy metal song and each done with so much heart and passion. Thank you guys!
The biggest surprise was Gary Lindsey hopping on stage with him! Bucket-list, CHECK!!!

The open mic stage was back this year, so that means discovering even more new bands and boy did I make a discovery! WT Newton & the Ozark Blood from Chicago, one of the many gems the American underground roots scene  has to offer but that don’t make it out to Europe so easy even with this world wide web thing going on. Thanks Cris Bissell for pushing me to the stage even if it was just so you could be in a video…

Muddy Roots number 5 this was for me and Inny, can you believe I had never seen The Hillbilly Casino play? Sounds crazy, but it’s all true. There was no way in hell I was missing them this year. As the 20 plus minute video will show you I was front and center (left and a little off if you please). If even one of the previous shows was as good as this one, I hang my head in shame for not being there. But this one made it all up and I promise I will never miss a show again!

So people asked me, “Tom why are you so siked about this year’s line-up, it’s always a good line-up?” Because of The Voodoo Glow Skulls!!! That’s why! For me these guys play the same league as Rancid, and Rancid being one of my all-time favorite punk bands, nothing else has to be said…

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club… What is there to say? Besides that they are one of the best live bands in the world? Nothing! Just enjoy the video…

2016 marked the 10th anniversary of the Roadkill Festival in Waarschoot, Belgium. I knew about the festival, but I had never been there. I also knew that in the past they had some fantastic line-ups, this year wasn’t any different. With bands like Honky, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Goddamn Gallows, ANTI-SEEN, Fifty Foot Combo and so many more we where in for a treat.

The first thing that I noticed when we arrived at the festival was the lack of big corporate sponsors, but a real professional setting. The second thing was the layed-backness of the crew working the festival. No over the top security bullshit, no backpack checks, just pay at the door (or pick-up a press-pass, thanks Bert), buy some drinking tickets and have fun! From this moment on I knew we came to the right place and I wondered why we haven’t being coming here before.

We walked in the tent looking for Mikey Classic, we had some shirts to deliver, (pick one up at his solo tour this week!) and something very strange was going on on stage… Bleeding Antlers from the UK where providing the people with a bunch of noise and weird antics… Goat-masks, distorted vocals and shreddin’ guitars. It sounded like a mess, but I was intrigued… I’m waiting for their album to come out before I make up my mind if I like it or not… After this heathen mass Devastatiön from Belgium kicked it off at the outside stage. High speed blackened trash metal would be a good “label” for their music. I normally like this kind of music but I didn’t really pay attention to it, we had people to greet, first beers to drink and set up the camera’s… What I do remember was the vocals, and that I liked them a lot!

The Goddamn Gallows where up next. This would be their second to last show of the tour that took ’em all over Europe in 2 months. They where tired, I could see it in their eyes, but still hungry to make new fans and friends. Hardest working band in showbiz? THESE GUYS! The crowd went nuts!

Garage rock has always been an underground phenomenon, but in Belgium new bands seem to emerge everyday, The Glücks are one of those bands holding the flag high and making sure they make a lasting impression with every show they play. Drums and guitar, that’s it, but the sound they create is the equivalent of ten suicide-bombers going of at once.

HONKY out of Austin, Texas came to Roadkill to provide us with the best Superboogie Rock on the planet. The band has a cult status for a reason and they made that very clear with their show. Groovin’, hardrockin’ madness!!!

If there is one band in the world that punks, metal-heads, psycho-billies, crusties or whatever sub-genre you wish to label yourself with all like the same, it’s Peter Pan Speedrock! Eindhoven’s best export product has toured the planet more then once and are now on their goodbye tour. Nothing on stage indicates this, they are still playing hard as ever, with a huge smile on their face! What a great show it was!

We drove to our B&B in Eeklo while Peter Pan was still playing, we needed some sleep, it had been a long week and a long day, but a good day…

These last two weeks or so I had the pleasure to hang around with Andrew and his lovely wife Mary for a couple of days while they where on tour in Europe. I hooked up with them as much as I could while playing in Belgium because apart from Andrew being a great musician and singer, he and Mary are just fun to hang with! Down to earth, beer drinking, fun loving human-beings! And in the end, that’s what it’s all about. Havin’ fun, making new friends, talk life and be happy with the times you can spend with those you love.

Andrew played “Roots in het Park” in Aarschot July 21st, a little one day free festival, put on by Kurt “Da Bomb” from Rootstown Bookings. In the video you can see some of the songs he played.

Today I went to see his last show of his European tour, and that’s always bitter-sweet. I hate saying good-bye… Don’t be sad, plans are being made for a next tour, and make sure to come and see him on a stage near you.

If you forgot to buy your shirt or cd while you where at one of the shows, or like what you see in the video, contact us. We got some shirts and cd’s to sell. Yes… all money will go back to him, you do know who’s writing this shit don’t you?

photo by Angel Alonzo

East Cameron Folkcore from Austin, Texas are on a two week tour in Europe. I first got to see them at Muddy Roots last year and their performance was so incredible that there was no way I would miss them playing in Europe. There was no date in Belgium, but lucky for me there was one in Aachen, which is only an hour drive from where I live.

I got there early, so I got to hang out with them, talk life, have a drink and do an interview. They played a great show which you can see below. Last year they released “Kingdom of Fear” and for me this is one of the best “indie” albums ever made! Make sure you get your copy…

For more info on the band check out:

Muddy Roots Europe 2016

5 years of Muddy Roots Europe! Time sure does fly… When I think back to the first one I can’t imagine the impact this little get-together had on the European roots scene. The friends and family I’ve gained are all thanks to this. (and don’t forget all the friends we’ve made going to Cookeville the last 4 years, see you all in september) Here’s to you, Muddy Roots Europe crew, Cheers!

For the 5th edition it looked like the bands playing where a little less “punk” or rowdy then the years before and much more European. That European part, I don’t care about, but I did miss that edge and “danger” on stage a little this year. But who are we or you to complain? If you want to see and hear other bands, do it yourself! (we did, so can you, there is so much space, music, beer and fun to go around in Europe, so do your thing!) But i sure did enjoy the bands that I filmed and the campsite… Oh boy… the campsite… I can talk about the mud, we’ve all seen it. But the fun, camaraderie and family, that’s what’s important to me! Hanging with friends, making new ones, meeting long lost family members (or so it feels like) sharing stories, drinks and food and music. Life sure is good to us!

Because of work and THE MUD I missed the first bands, and Moonshine Wagon was on my “need to see list”… If you did see them, I hope you enjoyed it.
The first band I did get to see was the talented Muddy Roots Recordings artist Dana Sipos from Canada. Great show, lovely voice and good songs. People where a little chatty during the first part of her set, but I hope you enjoy the video!

The Dad Horse Experience was up next, and this is a love it or hate “act”. I for one, love it!
Dirk came to Waardamme to present his new album, “Eating Meatballs On A Blood-Stained Mattress In A Huggy Bear Motel”. I hadn’t heard the album before and damn, the man throws a mean curve-ball from time to time. That psychedelic tune at the end of the video… WTF was that?!?! I loved it, but I sure didn’t expect it!

Muddy Roots has a special bond with Brazil and to celebrate this bond Mary Lee & The B-side Brothers are the first Brazilian band on the Muddy Roots Records roster. And they deserve it! What a great band, from country, honky tonk to wild swinging dance tunes…  There’s gonna be a Muddy Roots Festival in Brazil, I hope we can make it over there one day…

Spain… From all the countries in Europe, Spain is providing us with a bunch of great roots bands. Who would have thought… Dead Bronco took the whole tent by surprise with their very catchy and wild Honky Tonk Country songs. You’ll see in the video how much the people enjoyed it! Moshpits and country music, you gotta love it!

On Friday the music ended with Reverend Beat-man, and you can say about him what ever you want, but Beatman puts on a show! I was a little skeptic, because the last shows I’ve seen where more of the previous shows I’ve seen. But the old fox learned some new tricks, COOOOL tricks, you’ll see…

Saturday started slowly for me as every year… Waking up, asking myself “why did I had this much to drink?” and then the smell of bacon and eggs… Thank you Sophie! After breakfast a well needed shower while The Most Ugly Child plays in the background, bit cold, but it woke me up… Saturday in the tent also started with camera-problems. You’ll see it in the video I tried to make from Philip Bradatsch. Technology, you’re a bitch! I got bits and pieces, but I wanted to share it anyway… Philip, as always played one hell of a show, I can’t wait to hear his next album.

Them Old Crap from Brazil where one of those bands this year that had that “punk” spirit I love so much in my roots music. I’ve seen them play on this tour a bunch of times with our friend Jayke Orvis, but this was by far their best show that I’ve seen on this tour. So much power, joy and I love the “show” they put on. The shots I took of the crowd are so much fun to watch, if you look close you can see a little practical joke between friends that haven’t seen each-other in a while I think. THIS is Muddy Roots! Oh and in spirit The Freeborn Brothers where with us…

What would Muddy Roots be without James Hunnicutt? It just wouldn’t be the same…
James doesn’t surprise much with his shows if you have seen him before, but man, does he deliver! I’ve seen him play so many times, and every-time he gets to me.
Sorry about fucking up “bad girl”, I was filming and then something popped in my shoulder, I had to put the camera down, it was weird and hurt like fuck… But hey, it’s James on stage, get your shit together and pick it up boy! We all know that we want to see and hear “teardrops” and this time was special. Part of The Wallaroos joined him on stage and Kris from the Bacchus Crew stepped in on trombone. The joy on those faces on stage and in the crowd, priceless! Thank you James, thank you for being who you are and thank you for the songs. We need this!

Sunday, Sunday bloody Sunday (bono is a little bitch, just so you know…)
I missed most of the bands on Sunday because I had people to talk to, friends to drink with, family to take care of… You know… Muddy Roots stuff… But I was not gonna miss WhiskeyDick! Once a metal-head, always a metal-head I guess… I can write pages about this show, but there are just a few things you need to know. It was kick-ass good! They payed tribute to Owen, they had the crowd going and they are awesome guys to hang-out with. Here’s to WhiskeyDick, “to the union”!

Belgium is a small country, but we sure are big when it comes to music festivals. The whole world knows about the big commercial ones like Pukkelpop, Werchter and Tommorowland. But that’s not what we’re about, we’re here to support the UNDERGROUND! And starting the end of June it all kicks in high gear. Almost every weekend, lovers of underground music, being it punk, metal, roots, garage or whatever floats your boat can go out and party their ass of at one or another festival. Let me be your guide…

The last weekend of June Muddy Roots Europe will celebrate their 5th birthday with as always some amazing artists. I always look forward to see Possessed By Paul James unleash his demons on stage. Dana Sipos is another great performer to keep an eye on. I’ve seen her play at Muddy Roots in Cookeville last year and I’m damn sure you’ll love her. With Mary Lee & The B Side Brothers and Them Old Crap on the line-up we can only hope they bring us some sunshine all the way from Brazil! Willy Tea Taylor and Reverend Beatman, both excellent one man performers will show us how different a one man band can sound. Moonshine Wagon from Spain is high on my “have to check out” list. Before they where on the flyer I had never heard of this band, but if you check out their video’s on youtube you’ll know what I’m talking about!  With Dad Horse Experience, Whiskey Dick, Philip Bradatsch, James Hunnicutt  and The Reverend Peyton Big Damn Band also playing I know good times are heading our way.
Tickets are still on sale, so if you don’t have one yet, get over to the muddy roots website and do your thing.

Just a week after Muddy Roots Europe, July 1st and 2nd we’re hosting our very own little festival for the first time. PIRATE FARM FEST is a little monster created by us (old style music nights), Pirate Farm Radio and loyal friends with a love for music and crazy enough to give this thing a go! Two days of insanity and good times in a field in Tielt-Winge, a small town in the middle of Belgium. I would be lying if I told you we’re not proud of the line-up we put together for this first edition. With The Mullet Monster Mafia from Brazil headlining on Friday we have an exclusive in Belgium. These diabolical trash surf maniacs will take you on a wild ride surfing the flames of hell! Also on Friday we have Tim Holehouse from the UK and Vincent Slegers from Belgium teaming up to bring us something real special. We have no idea what’s it going to be, but with these two talented blues soldiers we know it’s going to be of the hook! Not enough for friday? Well then, here’s another exclusive! The Sad Hill Outfit will play their very first show, opening the festival. This new band with Jumpin’ Jim and Sweetboy from Black Cat Bone Squad has being working hard in the rehersal room to bring you their take on bluegrass, string-band music and other roots songs. Completing the line-up on Friday are The Detrimentals, a fairly new Psychobilly band from Belgium ready to get you wrecking in the pit!
Do we have exclusives on saturday you ask? Well, YES we do! Starting with a sad one… Black Cat Bone Squad will play their last show ever… So make sure you come out in full force to send them on their last goodbye! Now a happy one, Mikey Classic from The Goddamn Gallows will play his first EVER solo show in Belgium!!!
So what else we have on Saturday? We have hard hitting noise punk with State Of The Pigs, angry, political and loud. We have crazy funny outlaw bluegrass/country/punk from Holland with Batenburg Hellbillie and The Ditchrunners from America. We have Fishgutzzz providing us with the best kazzoograzzz around, we all love to hate Fishgutzzz and that’s why we love him! Do you know Acousta Noir? No? Come check him out, this lonesome traveler will teach you a thing or two about playing music and being on the road.
Now… How can we make this festival even better? I would say THE GODDAMN GALLOWS will do the trick! By far the wildest, most awesome and raddest band around in this “scene”. If you don’t like the gallows, you can suck a carrot!
And as for every good party there is a cherry on top. Because we like the neighbors and we respect their sleepy-time, the gallows will not close down the festival. Jayke Orvis will have the last say on stage! This master songwriter is back with the gallows but when I asked him to close the festival he didn’t hesitate for a second. I’m sure there will be some guests joining him on stage.
So… We have a big tent to keep you all dry if needed, the camping is free and tickets are only 35 euro. get yours at: tickets@oldstylepiratefarm.be
Foodtrucks will be there to fill your stomach, drinks are 2 euro, kids up to 12 get in for free and we have no showers (we like the way you stink)!
See you in our field and come say hello!

On to the next one… The weekend after Pirate Farm Fest, Sjock Festival is putting up their tents for edition 41, yep 41!!! This dinosaur in the alternative Belgian festival scene will provide you with all that is loud, wild and swingin’.
The line-up is crazy as fuck, I can go on and on about it, but I’m not gonna. Check out their website, buy a ticket and go nuts!

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with a bunch of other great festivals in a few days…

Fuck You Thor! You would think the god of thunder and strength would make sure that one of Europe’s best punk and hardcore festivals could bath in sunshine, warm temperatures and cold beers… The beer was cold, for the rest of it, he did a terrible job!

Groezrock 2016 was wet, cold and muddy. Thank you Dr. Martens for keeping my feet dry, I love you… Oh well, enough with this silly talk, all shoe brands, deities and weather jokes have being shared during the festival. Let’s talk about the music, the bands and the fans.

We’ll start with the music. For being known as a punk and hardcore festival Groezrock offered us a very versatile line-up. They have always done this, but this year I had to scratch my head more than once about this or that band on the line-up. But maybe I’m just getting old. “Punk” is not what it used to be, a friend of mine told me this weekend, and he’s right, but then again, punk from the 70’s didn’t sound anything like punk in the late 80’s, so who are we to judge…

Let’s get to the bands, that’s the main reason we go to these festivals, no?
If you visit this page more then that one time your friend in that one band was mentioned here, you know that Coma Commander from my hometown, Diest, is a band that I hold very dear to my heart. And this year they where invited to open the Watch Out Stage! I was able to shoot most of their show, and because I’m a nice guy I’m not going to talk about their show and just show it to you… Enjoy!

After Coma Commander it took me some time to check out an other band, I was wandering around the backstage of the festival and it gave me a nice inside of what’s going on on these festivals. For most of us, Groezrock is just another show, a weekend of fun and boozing. But behind those stages there are so many people working their ass off so the bands and everyone else working their ass off is taking care for. From catering, security, sound and stage-crews… All these people need food and drinks, a place to warm up, a place to relax and let me tell you, that money you pay for your ticket is well used. All these folks deserve your respect, without them… NO GROEZROCK!

The next band I got to see was Less Than Jake, earlier that day I got the chance to interview their drummer Vinnie, who is a real nice guy and was happy to answer my questions. They played a real fun show and had the crowd eating from their hands. Check out the interview, the sound isn’t that good, the press-room was filling up and with sound-checks going on it got a bit noisy…

Besides Coma Commander there was one more band (Rancid not included) that I could not skip. Siberian Meat Grinder from Russia! With their mix of trash metal, hardcore and hip hop we where in for a treat! The sound at the Back To Basics stage wasn’t that great, but the band put on one hell of a show. It took the crowd some time to let go, but once they did, so did the band, and the result was one of the best shows all weekend!!! HAIL TO THE TSAR!!!

We’rewolves, another band with roots in my hometown had to go up against the hardcore legends Terror who where playing the Back To Basics Stage at the same time. It was so great to see that the field in front of the Watch Out Stage was packed with folks ready to rock out! We’rewolves is one of those bands that with their sound don’t fit into any genre and that makes them so damn good. No idea who made this video, but thank you!

I hooked up with some old friends to check out Hatebreed, never being a fan and never will be… I do understand why people like their music, but it’s just not for me…
We where all waiting for Rancid, so it was time to just hang around, walk from one bar to the other, have some drinks and laughs, check out Youth Of Today while walking by and joke around why we could not enter the tent with beer in our hands… But we’re fearless! So we did. Sadly enough the youth of back in the days isn’t what they used to be. And even with all my hatred towards straightedge, I was sad about this. I really liked their music. And before you nail me to your vegan cross, this is my opinion, maybe you liked it, I didn’t. So go suck a carrot!

RANCID was next with “Out Come The Wolves”! And that’s all I have to say about this… You didn’t like it? I did…

With Rancid done, we headed back to the press-tent for some final beers and warmth before we embarked on our long journey to the car.

Saturday morning hit me pretty hard, the beer from yesterday took it’s toll… Or maybe I’m just getting old… Because of bad planning, not from my side, I arrived at the festival later then I wanted to. But my mood quickly changed when I walked in on Night Birds. Holy Crow!!! What a band! Raw, fast and angry with a authentic old-school feel. I forgot to pick up their album “Mutiny at Muscle Beach” and I still regret it. I hope to run into these guys again damn soon!

If Friday was mostly wet, Saturday was COLD! The icy winds raging over the field dropped the temperatures to almost freezing and that didn’t add to a “happy happy joy joy” festival feeling. I decided quickly that I was not going to stay for very much longer, but not before I had seen SNFU. Ken Chinn looked lovely in his little gold dress, and together with his band, was in a great mood. It wasn’t one of the highlights I hoped it to be, but still a damn good show.

So now it was time to head home, right? Well no, because for some strange reason we walked the other way and bumped into Me First & The Gimme Gimmes… I have a diabolical hate towards cover bands, but can you really call these guys a cover band? I guess we can call them a “Hey I like this song, I wish somebody would play this faster and make a joke out of it” band, if that’s a thing? With their last song, so ended my 2016 edition of Groezrock. I was done… Cold, tired and beaten.

Now the long wait begins for next year, dreaming and hoping for that perfect line-up and SUNSHINE. Thank you Groezrock crew and congrats on this great 25th edition.

Who doesn’t know The Monsters? This legendary outfit from Swiss has being making friends and enemies all over the planet since their start in 1986! This is not a new album (that’s in the making) but a re-release of the now hard to find – or way to expensive -10 inch released in 1995 on Jungle Noise Records from Germany. The tracklist is made up from the 10 inch and a bunch of 7 inch releases on other labels.

These recordings where the first without a stand-up bass and also the sound switched from  more psychobilly sounding to trashy garage punk. The song “It’s Not My Way” was even refused for a Swiss anti-war record because it was too trashy! Yep, it’s THE MONSTERS!

If you’re not a big fan of The Monsters, but you like ’em from time to time… Stay far away from this album, it’s rough, harsh and merciless! If you are a big fan of The Monsters or you just like dirty garage trash and never got your hands on the 10 inch, BUY IT NOW!!!

get it here:


It’s that time of the year again… What time you ask? That time you see punkrock and hardcore kids getting excited about this little crazy festival happening in Meerhout, Belgium each year… Yep, Groezrock is just around the corner! Coming April 29 & 30th the whole province of Antwerp will be shaking on it’s foundations while thousands gather to slamdance, drink beer, pogo, eat greasy festival food, stagedive (wait an hour after eating, just like swimming) and just have a real good time!

This year the nice folks at Groezrock have provided us with a sublime line-up, some of them long-time personal favorites, some of them new discoveries that I can’t wait to check out live on stage. If you have visited this site before, you know I like making lists… Let’s GO!

Friday… Let the party begin!
Yep, the boys from Cali are back! And they are playing their hit album “And Out Come The Wolves” from front to back. Do you need another reason to come to the festival? I don’t! But that wouldn’t be fair to the other bands, would it? But damn, I have to say I did a little jump and screamed like a little girl when I heard the news. No shame in that is there?

The media is trying to scare us with wild stories about Putin, but the real Russians you should fear are the boys in Siberian Meat Grinder. They take no prisoners and go straight for the kill with their addicting mix of hardcore, rap and metal. I can see the pit before me, and it is GLORIOUS!!!

If these ska-punk legends don’t move your feet you’re a lifeless robot or just stupid, it’s up to you… I know I’ll be skanking like a mad man! Pick it up, Pick it up, Pick it up!!! And after that throw it in a trashcan, do you know how much crap get’s left behind at a festival?

Does your festival day needs a little more anger? You ask, Terror provides. Yes dear folks, it’s that simple. These guys live and breathe hardcore, and looking at the tremendous following they have gathered over the years they don’t stand alone in keeping the faith. GO NUTS!

“Let’s relax a little and go see Frank Turner” nobody ever said. You know why? Because seeing Frank Turner is one big party, that why! It doesn’t matter how punk, hardcore, metal or whatever you call yourself you are. It’s ok to like Frank, it’s ok to enjoy his songs and just be happy… Ssshhhttt… It’s ok…

Saturday… Let’s dance that hangover away!
Nope, never heard of them… While I was going over this years line-up I came across these guys. Damn, I like! No fancy shit, straight forward punk-rock with a hardcore vibe. Yep, I like! Oh, and that “metallic” guitar sound is furious! Them being from my favorite city in the USA, makes it even better!

The guys at Groezrock HQ sure know how to take care of those that like the old school vibe. Night Birds from New Jersey takes you back to the glorious eighties when everything was shit and sniffing glue was cool… Fucking hell, what a great band!

Hey kids, wanna see some old guys show you how to do it? Got see SNFU! That’s all…

Remember that movie Natural Born Killers? Yeah, it’s that chick, the one that was crazy as fuck, who jumped around like a little girl when her boyfriend shot her abusive dad. Yeah that one…(how awesome where the 90’s?)  Besides being a great actress Juliette is a great singer. I always look at her as being a bit of a  female Iggy Pop. She has this vibe around her on stage that reminds me of Iggy and that same kind of sleaze in her songs. You would expect her to play at Wercher or Pukkelpop, but I think Groezrock is perfect for her. And that is a compliment, you judgmental fuck!

What do you want me to tell you about these guys? I’ll tell you one thing, if you ever meet a hardcore kid that doesn’t like SOIA, kick him in the nuts! He can’t sue you because every judge will tell you, you did the right thing!
Remember Headbanger’s Ball on MTV? This was the video that introduced me to these guys… I loved it, still do…

Groezrock, you did it again! Thank you! See you in the field… Come say hello and buy us a beer…

If you are into garage-punk or just like dirty rock’n’roll, the Come N’ Go shouldn’t be a new band to you. If they are… You’re in for a treat. This is their fourth album on Voodoo Rhythm Records and they made it a psychedelic hardcore punk masterpiece! Hardcore punk, you ask? Well I never heard a garage band do a Bad Brains cover before… Did you?

The Swiss band didn’t hold back on the fuzz, acid and space vibes with this album and that makes it a really diverse listening experience. Opening the album with 3 fast paced headkickers, one of which is “Attitude” they slow it down with “Yona’s Blues” and keep the tempo low for the next four songs but by adding a lot of experimental, spaced-out sounds and riffs they maintain the listeners attention.

Once we get to “Lemmy” the tempo picks back up and the band goes in a feedback overdrive by the end of the song, but not before presenting what to me was the highlight of the album. Damn, what a great song!

Order your copy via Voodoo Rhythm Records: