So after going through my hard-drive today I found some video’s that for some reason never made it online… I have no idea why or how. What ever… Here they are!

Steering Ships With Empty Bottles
Our good friends Cris and Henry will be back in Europe in april and they will play our official pre-party for Pirate Farm Fest. This one was shot in our back yard last year.

Jumpin’ Jim
Jim aka Jo Leinders is the singer for Belgian Psycho-Roots rockers Black Cat Bone Squad. I shot this video to get him away from his house so his girlfriend could plan his birthday party together with all our friends later that day. We got some great shots and he got a kick-ass party later that day.

The Freeborn Brothers
Just before their tour with Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss our friends from Poland came over to record these songs in our livingroom. We had a blast!

While on our trip in the USA we met up with our friends in the Kountry Kittens at the Lazy Z resort in Sonora. What a beautiful place… We shared a cabin with the most wonderful folks, Jayke, Anna and Michael James. Jo got him a cheap ass guitar at a pawn shop in Seattle… Jayke and Jo played some songs and this is what we got… Second song in the video is an original by Jo (Jumpin’ Jim) Enjoy!

Thank you Anni and the rest of the Kittens, we love you girls to dead!

Sunday, June 28th we had the pleasure of having them Carrie Nation boys over at our place. We did an interview and they played 3 songs in our back yard. Later that day they played a show at the Irish pub in Diest. After the show they crashed at our place, the Beagles sure loved it…



We did an interview with James Hunnicutt at our place two days ago after he played a radio show here in Belgium. It’s uncut, just two people talking… Enjoy!

We teamed up again with The Pirate Farm Radio. As always this was a fun evening. It was good to see Lou and Bruno, hang out, listen to their music and ask them some questions.

This is what came out of it with Lou. We hope you enjoy it.

This was the first time we used two camera’s, so the editing is not great, but we’re learning more each time we try new things.

Lou and Bruno are on tour in Europe, so go see them!

Last saturday we had some friends over for dinner and a show afterwards… But before dinner and the show we did a little interview and made one of them play some songs for us and the rest of our guests… We had fun, and are gratefull for having awesome friends!

I love my job! I got to interview the amazing ladies in Kountry Kittens Burlesque and Girlbrains. They are on tour with Fishgutzzz and damn they are funny (and nice and good-looking and hot and talky and chatty and lovely and all round great people! Enjoy the interview, if you can call it that, they just kept on talking… And then enjoy Girlbrains taking it to another level of weird…

Last night we payed a visit to The Pirate Farm Radio HQ for a Beagle Session on location. It turned out to be one the funniest things ever… Enjoy the interview and the live show! I know we did…

The Beagle Sessions – Vintage Vince

Some weeks ago we had Vintage Vince playing in our livingroom while on tour with Long Line Down from Denmark. Here it is, check out the interview first and then enjoy his music!

Saturday, january 17… Sprexfest… A great new festival in Belgium hosted by Mark Sprex from The Rhumba Kings. We had the drunken pleasure to sit down with Johnny and talk movies, music, beer and bro-country… This is what we could save from all that we shot…

Last week Long Line Down came from Denmark to belgium to start their tour with Vintage Vince. On a cold tuesday afternoon that same week they showed up at our doorstep to play some songs and do an interview in our livingroom. It was a great day, check the video and enjoy. For the future, keep an eye on these young guys, they are going to make it big!

Two weeks ago we were invited to Sprexfest in Aarschot by Pirate Farm Radio to do some interviews with the bands playing there. This is the first we did. The Blue Eyed Bandits are great guys and you even may recognize some of their members. Kurt De Bont, their washboard player/drummer, is the main force behind Rootstown bookings and Jo, on guitar and vocals is also the frontman for Black Cat Bone Squad. Last weekend I went to Germany with these guys and they sure know how to party… Enjoy…

Jumpin’ Jim, singer and guitar player for Black Cat Bone Squad came over to our place and he played some songs. The idea was to invite touring bands into our living room, let them play some songs, do a little interview and just see what happens. But before that could take place we needed a tryout. Jo (Jumpin’ Jim is his stage name) is a longtime friend and he was happy to do it. You can see the result in the video, we know it’s not perfect, we need to do a bunch of fine tuning, but I think this one will not put us or him to shame… Enjoy…


P.S.: If you can help us out with a good video editing program, feel free to contact us. You will notice that at the end something went wrong, and we can use your help…